The Institute of Humanities

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Concerning its teaching and research activities the Institute of Humanities, as part of the Sárospatak Comenius Campus, contains disciplines and arts, which cover
a, pedagogical basis for the Educational and Psychological knowledge of the Infant and Early Childhood Educator, Kindergarten Teacher, and Primary School Teacher BA courses
b, and other related Human Sciences and Interdisciplinary Areas at BA courses, which are necessary for the general knowledge content of the students and for the subjects appearing in the 1-6 years of public education.
The Institute mainly focuses on the educational, psychological, native and foreign language units; and on different arts such as literature, music, visual arts, and cinematography. Different complex subjects, such as child's play, folk music, and particular parts of communication, or the world of visual culture that excludes art also belong to this group.
The Institute's responsibility is to maintain, organise, and lead the internships subject-system.


- when educating students and in order to reflect on social expectations we want to improve greatly the methodological and subject pedagogical elements of our courses (it basically means support for the disadvantaged, or 'other' people with raising their opportunities). We also want to create new subjects (e.g. medium- and motion picture culture) to raise interest for the venue of Sárospatak.
- creating teacher expert-teams within the same field
- publishing and spreading the results of the Comenius Research Team;
- involving students in the work of different research through TDK activity;
- significant participation in creating new and more complex educational forms (such as Infant and Early Childhood Educator and Kindergarten teacher, etc...)
- significant participation in creating specialisations (e. g. German and Slovakian ethnic group specialisation);
- co-work with the Faculty of Pedagogy, and other institutes of the Eszterházy University, and with the research of other colleges, universities.


Institute of Humanities at the Pedagogical Faculty of Eszterházy Károly University
Address: H-3950 Sárospatak, Eötvös út 7.
phone: + 36 47 513 000 / 2804 
e-mail: humanintezet [at] uni-eszterhazy [dot] hu



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